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Some more epicfailguise ❤ yesterday in Chicago #occupychi also courtesy of @pHinkasaurus

A random stranger brought The protestors in Chicago donuts and bagels this morning. I just wanted to show everyone that even tho it is a small group these troopers camped last night. They are protesting again today, #sept24 and I believe they are outside of the fed reserve bank at the moment. If you are in Chicago go see them.  #occupychi both pics courtesy of @pHinkasaurus

#OccupyWallStreet Is More Than a Hashtag – It’s Revolution in Formation

‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest website mentions Cleveland and #OccupyLA

@OccupyToronto says “Good morning!”

Troy Davis Marchers Confront the NYPD

Spontaneous and militant march for Troy Davis the day after he was murdered by the (in)justice system, Marchers confront NYPD

(That epic thing they tweeted about.. happened Thursday. #confirmed “We are all Troy Davis” #sept22 twitter reports say at least 6 arrests by the nypd on Thursday during this march. No idea if any were released yet.)

NYPD Attacks Troy Davis Marchers – New York City

#occupywallstreet protesters were here also. #sept22

@OccupyFDSF: Tents up in Union Square SF. Big Assembly tomorrow! #occupysf #takethesquare

Occupy Houston Oct 6th Official Press Release Video

If any of you are in Houston, Austin, or Dallas, TX it’s going down Oct 6th.

@OccupyDallas #OccupyWallStreet #InSolidarity WE ARE TROY DAVIS!

Pictures courtesy of
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Many thanks to everyone who is helping to make this movement a possibility! WE ARE THE 99%!”~from video info section.

If any of you are still listening to police radio scanner.. PRO TIP: memorize the names of important intersections so you will recognize them..There’s a map ^^^

courtesy of @greenthumbnails

#occupywallstreet – NYPD Manhattan Precincts Radio Scanner:

I believe our friends occupying NYC are marching at noon tomorrow est.