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RT Police surround city hall, now searching site, just escorted one more person away from encampment.

RT @OccupyLA 10:12pm The Solidarity celebration has officially begun. We are peaceful. Respect our rights. ~pj

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@LAWeekly #OccupyLA Eviction: Is LAPD Restricting Coverage With Last-Minute ‘Pool Media’? #OLA

Meanwhile @OccupyMN spotted by a.g. on bridge entering downtown Minneapolis. #OccupyMN #Lt.Pike (strikes again)

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Occupy the Capitol, Olympia, WA. Nov28 (

     At least 4 protesters, out of thousands (est. 2,000) in attendance of Occupy the capitol were arrested yesterday Nov 28. The protesters which included state workers, teachers, students, and Occupy Olympia participants gathered at the capitol building to protest proposed budget cuts to education, social services, and healthcare in the state. These budget cuts were proposed by Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire, according to The Associated Press. The overall peaceful protests starting in the morning lasted until around 7pm when Olympia police gave a warning for protesters to clear the building for closing.

    According to RawStory “At 7pm state troopers began forcibly removing the 100 protesters that remained in the building. Washington State Patrol Sgt. J.J. Gundermann said that 30 people received trespassing citations and three were arrested. A fourth protester had been arrested earlier in the day.The protesters who were given trespassing citations will not be able to return to the Capitol building or the Occupy encampment at Heritage Park for 30 days.”

   During the time that the capitol building had been closed a number of protesters rushed the building to regain entry and were tased. Patrol spokesman Dan Coon told The Olympian. “[T]hey used it almost for their own safety to keep the crowd back. … They said it was absolutely necessary to keep the troopers at the door from being trampled … and keep more people from coming into the building.”

    This video shows protesters attempting to regain entry to the capitol building and a police officer tasing them back.

    People’s mic was called to rally protesters to form a human chain around the bus where the detainees were taken. The protesters formed a human chain around the bus chanting “Who’s bus? Our bus!” and held it before police officers broke the human chain, by pushing protesters apart, allowing the bus to progress forward. The next tactic called by protesters to stop progression of the bus was to sit and lay in the middle of the road. The police picked protesters up off of the ground and returned them to the sidewalk. Later the protesters attempted to create a “dog pile” of people which was also broken up by the police. (as seen in minute 7:18 Some citizen journalists are reporting that bystanders were tased as they walked with the bus attempting to stop it. (This video claims it at minute 3:49  I was not able to find clear video of bystanders being tased but you are able to hear the sound of a taser in this video at minute 9:00

The first hand account from a protester obtained by Trevor Griffey of Said this:

“about 75 or so people (I’m bad with numbers, could have been 50 or 100) linked arms around the bus to prevent it from leaving. It didn’t take long for the cops to get really violent. There were probably about 20 cops at least. They pushed from in front of the line (on the bus side) and others grabbed us from behind and threw us down. They tried to hold us in place as the bus started moving but we broke loose and tried to regroup in front of the bus to stop it but there were so many police at this point it was hard to re-form a line. We were making scattered attempts to link arms, lie down in front, and lie down in piles. They cleared the way, trying to scare people by being very brutal. I watched my friend get tackled by a fat bald cop and get punched in the face. I got picked up and thrown down several times. I think everyone did. Several of us tried to move a picnic table to use as a barricade but it got overrun. Then the cops got their tasers out. Tasers, with their red laser sights and bright blue electric sparks, are incredibly intimidating. I watched at least 3 or 4 people get tasered right in front of me. One guy was lying face down in the road. 3 or 4 cops ran over to him, surrounded him, and wouldn’t let him get out for at least 10 or 15 seconds as one of the cops tasered him over and over. Eventually they got the bus out after traveling a couple hundred yards and us fighting the whole way.”

He concluded simply, “We will be back. Re-group for tomorrow.”

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Raw Story: Tasers come out for ‘Occupy Olympia’ protesters


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The number of supporters who came out to Occupy LA for the N28 eviction numbered well over two thousand.

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