UPDATE: Zainab AlKhawaja beaten, dragged and arrested | Bahrain Center for Human Rights

16 Dec 2011

Interrogation with Massoma AlSayed and Zainab AlKhawaja started after 2 am and 4 am respectively (Bahrain time) and lasted for around 2 hours each. According to lawyer, interrogations were not recorded as per BICI recommendations.

Zainab AlKhawaja was charged with 1. illegal gathering 2. assaulting a female officer 3. inciting hatred against the regime.

Masooma AlSayed was charged with 1. illegal gathering 2. assaulting a female officer.

Masooma Alsayed was kicked in her rights leg and is now limping, was not seen by doctor. There are red marks around her wrists because of the handcuffs.

Zainab when arrested had something sprayed in her eyes and was unable to see for approximately an hour. At the police station was beaten on head, arms and legs, as she was unable to see. Zainab recognized the voice of the policewoman who beat her, public prosecutor refused to write it down. Lawyer attempted to show public prosecutor video of the arrest, he refused to see it.

Policewoman came in with bandaged arm claiming Masooma and Zainab hit her. Zainab refused to sign statement unless policewoman’s name who hit her was taken. Prosecutor got angry and made everyone leave the room.

Prosecutor decided that Zainab and Masooma will be detained for 7 days. They will be then presented to a judge who will decide whether to extend their detention or not.

Lawyer says they are worried about the safety of Zainab and Masooma as same police who beat them are transfering them to prison. The same police who arrested Zainab and Masooma are the ones who brought them to public prosecution and testified against them.

Zainab was examined today by the public prosecution’s forensic doctor.

Zainab and Masooma have now been moved to womens detention in Isa Town. Police are refusing to take clothes for Zainab Alkhawaja or allow her family to bring her glasses although she cant see well without them, they are also not allowing her toothbrush or soap despite her needing to change and clean up after being dragged on the ground.