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Occupy Toilet movement.

A protest demonstrated by my black cat, Kira.


The Internet Defense League

The Internet can always use more heroes and Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit, and Fight for the Future have formed the Internet Defense League to make it so.

Public enemy number one: ACTA and CISPA style legislation that seems to sprout like mushrooms these days.

Via Forbes:

Ohanian describes the project, which they plan to officially launch next month, as a “Bat-Signal for the Internet.” Any website owner can sign up on the group’s website to add a bit of code to his or her site–or receive that code by email at the time of a certain campaign–that can be triggered in the case of a political crisis like SOPA, adding an activist call-to-action to all the sites involved, such as a widget or banner asking users to sign petitions, call lawmakers, or boycott companies.

“People who wish to be tapped can see, oh look, the Bat-Signal is up. Time to do something,” says Ohanian. “Whatever website you own, this is a way for you to be notified if something comes up and take some basic actions…If we aggregate everyone that’s doing it, the numbers start exploding.”

Developers are encouraged to join the League. GitHub is here, a Google Group here and Tracker is here.


Brand new work from Banksy!


Kitten Crashes Bunny Convention

The 46th annual International Bunny Convention — held in Chicago this year — was off to a great start, according to organizer Christine Hill.

“Lunch was underway, guests were really enjoying themselves,” she tells The Fluffington Post.

That’s when the trouble started.

“The kitten blew right through security and started a food fight on the convention floor,” says Hill. “There was lettuce everywhere.”

The kitten fled the scene before officials could question her, but witnesses say the smirk on her face suggests a motive of “hijinks.”

Via dhnaranjo.


Hello wardrobe quotes. (Taken with instagram)