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Hey guise..

On a random note I just got a pinterest account. If any of you are there I follow back and would really like to see more real things being pinned. I’m not leaving tumblr I have a policy that the more interfaces we can use to get the word out about global events the better. Pinterest really needs more REAL things posted. Don’t get me wrong I like pretty pictures and DIY cleansers but there is some srs shi- going on in the world my friends. I’ll be there posting recipes, art, and lulz but ALSO global protest as I do here and on twitter.. so if you are interested follow me on pinterest!
Hope to see some of you there. ❤


(Extra random: I got a deviantart account too where I’m hoping to turn some of my art into coasters and magnets as well as prints and other random things. So if any of you want and can help support my creative adventures check it out. There will be more soon: Kwikset:Prints)


My name is Jenna, I was born in America and now live in Canada. My heart breaks to see how the country of my birth sought fit to torture and keep this man in solitary for 635 DAYS and as of today, sees fit to keep him in prison for 717 DAYS without trial. Even if you do not think he is a hero, (I do, I can’t even begin to explain how much I care about this man) you have to consider his treatment abhorrent. Everyone needs to stand up for Bradley. Now. Until he is free. I am a writer, a friend, and a human being. I am Bradley Manning.

…don’t ever forget that!

And don’t say “I’ll never be good”. You can become better! and one day you’ll wake up and you’ll find out how good you actually became.— Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Anyone else taking finals this week good luck to you.

This is my final project (for a class I took this semester).. 3 separate pieces mounted together to tell a story.. maybe you guise can see what I did there. (Inspired by events during the Occupy movement)
♥ Keep the fire burning ♥


The world thru eyes.. or why we must fight.

Ohai guise!
      To the people still following me thank you for sticking around thru my absence. ❤ I lost my net connection for about a month and right now it is pretty slow. We got a 500 KB connect for cheap so we are hanging with that for a min. Anyone that knows net connections knows that is super slow, so a lot of times it is basically impossible to run this interface even tho I prefer it to others. 😉 I miss you guise a ton and my blog.. So I’m gunna be lurkin’, <3in’ stuff here and there. I hope to maybe reblog some stuff tonight. I need some inspiration and some new lulz (tumblr is good for that) but it might still be a minute before I’m back 100%. /update

It’s Caturday already?…


I learned how to make clouds the other day so I thought I’d share. ❤