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MayDay General Strike Russia via: OccupyRussia

Last-Minute May Day (May1st General Strike) Checklist

“Someone’s freedom, rights, and dignity are not something that can be put in a Christmas stocking or wrapped up in a bow. They are something built into their existence that we use oppression and degradation to rob them of.”~BrainHandles/Greg Bulmash

House Passes CISPA: Make Sure It Dies In The Senate

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“The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) expresses its deep concern regarding the disappearance of a prominent activist Mr. Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, who on hunger strike since February 9, 2012.Khawaja’s family confirmed to the BYSHR “last telephone conversation with him was Monday (April 23) and he was not able to talk because of tiredness and fatigue”Khawaja’s family since Monday (23 April) until now have not received information on his health condition.Khawaja’s family confirmed to the BYSHR ” Since yesterday (24 April) Ministry of Interior and the Military hospital both refusing to give his wife any information”Khawaja’s wife called to the military hospital today (25 April) The nurse told her, “There is no one in the room.”Khawaja’s lawyer asked to visit Mr.Khawaja, but the Interior Ministry refused to allow him.The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) calling for the Bahraini authorities to disclose the fate of Mr.Khawaja and the authorities must inform the family about his whereabouts immediately.”~Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR)

The time to fight back against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is now. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.The window to stop the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is closing fast. Starting as early as Monday, the House of Representatives will begin debate on the cyber-security bill, which many rights advocates believe remains one of the most dangerous piece of legislation on the current congressional agenda. Reports indicate that lawmakers will vote on the bill Wednesday, April 25, or Thursday, April 26. That leaves precious little time to convince Members of the House to vote “nay” on CISPA. Here is a quick guide to get your up to speed on the issues surrounding CISPA, and ways you can help fight back…So, these are the primary complaints. But if you want to truly educate yourself on this bill, I suggest checking out all of these links:• Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) CISPA resource pageChart comparing CISPA to other cybersecurity legislation (pdf)• Electronic Frontier Foundation’s infographic on CISPAGroups opposing CISPAGroups supporting CISPAHow to fight back:The best case scenario is that CISPA is voted down in the House. And the best way for that to happen is for your representative to know that you oppose the bill. Here are a few ways to do so:• Find out who your representative is here.• Find email for your representatives here.• Find phone numbers for your representative here.• Send a automatically-generated tweet to your representative just by typing in your ZIP code here.• Tweet Rep. Rogers and the House Intelligence Committee: @HouseIntelComm and @RepMikeRogers.• Email Rep. Rogers directly.• Join Fight for the Future’s anti-CISPA Twitter campaign here.• Sign a petition against CISPA: here, here, and here.”~Thank you Andrew CoutsRead the rest of Andrew’s Article here: DigitalTrends

“Anonymous has been monitoring the human rights situation in Bahrain and the popular democratic uprising for over a year now, only to see the oppression of its people grow worse. When governments murder peaceful protesters on an ongoing basis, their illegitimacy becomes clear to all who can see. The government of Bahrain has been warned. We will not stop our support of the Bahraini people or our war against your tyranny until the people of Bahrain have true freedom and peace. This regime – which maintains its power by force and justifies it by birthright – has responded to the protests with a violent crackdown calculated to intimidate those within the country and a sophisticated public relations strategy calculated to deceive those outside of it. The crackdown has left scores dead and thousands in prison; the PR campaign is intended to ensure that such protesters are not only injured and imprisoned, but also libeled and forgotten. The violence is handled in the usual way; the lies come courtesy of an American PR firm called Qorvis. For too long, we have watched this tyrannical government tear gas its own people literally to death, with over 30 fatalities reported so far. We have watched as thousands of innocent protesters and activists have been jailed. We have watched as human rights advocate Abdulhadi Alkhawaja commits himself to death via a prison hunger strike that as of 22/4/2012 is 74 days in length, simply in the hope that some men somewhere will notice what is being done to other men here. We have witnessed doctors and nurses imprisoned merely for treating those wounded protesters who find themselves brutalized by security forces. And we have become outraged by the ignorance and outright lies of mainstream media regarding what is truly happening in Bahrain – lies concocted in large part by Qorvis, which is more than happy to defend such crimes and even to libel those of Bahrain’s activists who try bring them to the world’s attention at risk to their own lives.”

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(Scene in Bahrain that day 04/20)

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Foreclosures Another Opportunity for OWS to Confront The System

It’s been a steep learning curve for thousands of brand-new activists that have joined the  Occupy Wall Street movement. From the environment to militarism, there’s a sea of  misinformation and distractions standing between protestors and their enemies. While the empty rhetoric used to claim that Occupiers “don’t know what they stand for” falls flat to anyone actually paying attention, the ability to identify, isolate, and condemn the 1% for the theft and destruction they are responsible for has been one of the movement’s greatest difficulties.

Now “Occupy Foreclosures” has spread in popularity, with activists setting up eviction blockades and disrupting foreclosure auctions with increasing frequency. While it is a positive step, it contains the same pitfalls as confronting economic injustice. To be sure there is much good that can be done with helping individual foreclosure victims, but ultimately to stop the foreclosure epidemic Occupiers must face up to the same enemy they have so far failed to wholly accuse: Capitalism.

Everyone more or less knows that there is no one or small group to blame for the foreclosure crisis, just as there is no secret cabal that forces us into a never-ending series of wars. There were borrowers who took on loans they couldn’t afford, realtors who signed them up, underwriters who falsely signed off on the loans, and banks who gave the loans that they knew were unlikely to be repaid. Other bank officials securitized the loans, credit rating agencies assigned them false value, investment firms sold these bad securities to investors, and federal regulators failed to stop them. Once the crisis began, municipal, state, and federal government figures, with a few notable exceptions, failed to investigate, prosecute, or otherwise punish anyone who committed these acts. Many public officials passed new laws and regulations to protect these financial criminals and due to lobbying and insider trading even profited off of it themselves. At the same time these acts rendered their own constituents jobless, homeless, and suffering. Lawyers then set about systematically forging paperwork to help banks wrongfully foreclose on millions of people to enormous profit as corrupt and apathetic judges watched. While all of these individuals share blame, Occupiers must accept the bigger picture here.

The true blame for the foreclosure crisis lays at the Capitalist system itself; one that always has and always will exist solely off of the exploitation and destruction of anyone and anything it can affect and while remaining profitable.

The “golden age of free markets” becomes more desirable in these times of suffering but never less mythical; from slavery to the worker’s & civil rights movement to the ever-expanding 21st century empire, Capitalism in America has only ever benefited those lucky enough to be wearing the boot with which they help crush and exploit the rest of the populace.

The fact is we should no more be marking off the entire planet and reselling it back to individuals in the first place than commodifying these lands in order to pad the pockets of the ultra-rich. Federal powers have no more right to wield authority over individual’s lives than to collude in the theft of people’s livelihoods. Occupy Wall Street is evidence that most Americans have been fooled a few times too many by Capitalism’s promise of an “American Dream” for those who are willing to be exploited by it for just awhile longer. Stopping a foreclosure is occasionally quite simple.

Stopping the foreclosure crisis requires imagining a post-Capitalist world where the rich have no more power than the poor and corporations have none at all. One Struggle will continue to show solidarity with the new spirit of resistance in America, and only asks that they never stop short of anything less than a whole new society that calls theft theft and murder murder and holds all perpetrators accountable, no matter who they are or what they possess.