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RAP NEWS X – #Occupy2012 

(Thanks to OccupyLulz)


#occupy Earth. Found this one downtown. 

(The triangle of AIDS and WTF.)

“Whatis-theplan.org is a stinking abomination of faggotry and fail. It is a forum that claims to be the front of resistance against The Man. They claim to be the face of Anonymous while taking newfaggotry and cancer to new heights. The boards are riddled with posts about NWO, aliens, Illuminati, and how the world is OPPRESSIVE AND BAD LULZ. It is run by a giant faggot known as R3X/Telemachos, who plans to build an online cult while piggybacking off of the good name of Anonymous.

It also has a dash in the middle of its name, which is fucking stupid.”

Please read more here: http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Whatis-theplan


sesame street aliens discover dubstep


Yes officer, first he said the voices were in his head. Then he said they were sending him messages on his screen…