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In case you missed it yesterday evening:
“As a show of support for Julian Assange and Wikileaks http://www.aspen-international.com/ (Still up guise) was defaced by Anonymous. Aspen international is a UK based law enforcement/military equipment manufacturing company.

^Click to See Mirror

Mirror: http://www.zone-h.org/mirror/id/17923822 This is a CACHE (mirror) page of the site. http://pastebin.com/qf3pCkQu“~Anonymous

Julian Assange (founder of wikileaks for any n00bs in the vicinity) is currently seeking asylum in Ecuador for the charges he faces in Sweden. According to BBCNews, the government of Ecuador will be making its final decision concerning the request in the next 24 hours. President Rafael Correa is said to be a fan of Wikileaks and will be consulting with not only Sweden and the UK but also the US in the matter. Read more: BBCNews|Ecuador ruling on Wikileaks’ Assange due ‘on Thursday’

Why is Anonymous in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Materials?


The world thru eyes.. or why we must fight.

“Anonymous has been monitoring the human rights situation in Bahrain and the popular democratic uprising for over a year now, only to see the oppression of its people grow worse. When governments murder peaceful protesters on an ongoing basis, their illegitimacy becomes clear to all who can see. The government of Bahrain has been warned. We will not stop our support of the Bahraini people or our war against your tyranny until the people of Bahrain have true freedom and peace. This regime – which maintains its power by force and justifies it by birthright – has responded to the protests with a violent crackdown calculated to intimidate those within the country and a sophisticated public relations strategy calculated to deceive those outside of it. The crackdown has left scores dead and thousands in prison; the PR campaign is intended to ensure that such protesters are not only injured and imprisoned, but also libeled and forgotten. The violence is handled in the usual way; the lies come courtesy of an American PR firm called Qorvis. For too long, we have watched this tyrannical government tear gas its own people literally to death, with over 30 fatalities reported so far. We have watched as thousands of innocent protesters and activists have been jailed. We have watched as human rights advocate Abdulhadi Alkhawaja commits himself to death via a prison hunger strike that as of 22/4/2012 is 74 days in length, simply in the hope that some men somewhere will notice what is being done to other men here. We have witnessed doctors and nurses imprisoned merely for treating those wounded protesters who find themselves brutalized by security forces. And we have become outraged by the ignorance and outright lies of mainstream media regarding what is truly happening in Bahrain – lies concocted in large part by Qorvis, which is more than happy to defend such crimes and even to libel those of Bahrain’s activists who try bring them to the world’s attention at risk to their own lives.”

See the rest of the deface here: http://f1-racers.net/
Mirror here: http://www.zone-hack.com/

(pic of deface)

(Scene in Bahrain that day 04/20)

(Video Version of events in Bahrain that day 4/20: youtube)

More photos of what has been happening in Bahrain:

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Tweetboat Raves:
“I just got slapped by a trout!”

Rise of the #Hacktivist #infographic #OccupyLulz

This is no longer a lie.: 2011 is the Year of the #Hacktivist, Verizon Report Suggests (via WIRED tourist mag)

RAP NEWS X – #Occupy2012 

(Thanks to OccupyLulz)

This is no longer a lie.: Best Hacks by the #Hacktivist Group ‘#Anonymous’


When an #AntiAnon gets PWNT (and knows it) they’ll do about anything to appease us.
This guy has lobbyist friends.. and thought taking on the hive was a good idea. He soon reconsidered.

For the lulz!~