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#Blockupy 20,000 marched at Frankfurt #Occupy protest rally on Saturday

(Photos Reuters/Yahoo)

BERLIN (AP) — “At least 20,000 people held a major rally of the local Occupy movement in Frankfurt on Saturday to decry austerity measures affecting much of Europe, the dominance of banks, and what they call untamed capitalism.

The protesters peacefully filled the city center of continental Europe’s biggest financial hub on a warm and pleasant afternoon, said Frankfurt police spokesman Ruediger Regis. He said 20,000 people were there, while organizers put the number at 25,000.

The protest group, named Blockupy, has called for blocking access to the European Central Bank, which is located in Frankfurt’s business district.

Organizer spokesman Roland Seuss the protest is “against the Europe-wide austerity dictate by the (creditor) troika of ECB, the EU Commission and the International Monetary Fund.”

(Reuters) – “German police said they detained 400 anti-capitalist protesters in Frankfurt on Friday for defying a ban on demonstrations against austerity policies implemented to tackle the intensifying euro zone debt crisis.

Meanwhile in North Korea… leader Kim Jong-il has died at the age of 69

Round 2 for protests in #Moscow #Russia Via AP

White House Says No Veto Of Defense Bill #NDAA


Occupy Protests Shift Focus From Encampments to Reclaiming Foreclosed Homes

The Occupy Wall Street protests are moving into the neighborhood. Finding it increasingly difficult to camp in public spaces, Occupy protesters across the country are reclaiming foreclosed homes and boarded-up properties, signaling a tactical shift for the movement against wealth inequality.

Groups in more than 25 cities held protests Tuesday on behalf of homeowners facing evictions.

In Atlanta, protesters held a boisterous rally at a county courthouse and used whistles and sirens to disrupt an auction of seized houses. In New York, they marched through a residential neighborhood in Brooklyn carrying signs that read “Foreclose on banks, not people.” Southern California protesters rallied around a family of six that reclaimed the home they lost six months ago in foreclosure.

“It’s pretty clear that the fight is against the banks, and the Occupy movement is about occupying spaces. So occupying a space that should belong to homeowners but belongs to the banks seems like the logical next step for the Occupy movement,” said Jeff Ordower, one of the organizers of Occupy Homes.

The events reflect the protesters’ lingering frustration over the housing crisis that has sent millions of homes into foreclosure after the burst of the housing bubble that helped cripple the country’s economy. Nearly a quarter of all U.S. homeowners with mortgages are now underwater, representing nearly 11 million homes, according to CoreLogic, a real estate research firm.

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#N30 Police dismantle ‘#OccupyLA & #OccupyPhilly’ protest camps #Rawstory #AP

Protests in #Germany continue against transportation of Castor nuclear waste containers. Protesters have been rallying since Nov 23 (amended) and have tried a variety of techniques to stop the train carrying nuclear waste. Including chaining themselves to concrete blocks on the tracks, placing stones upon the tracks, bending the tracks themselves (which have since been repaired), as well as building a street blockade of tree branches. According to AP reporting from Berlin over 1,000 people were temporary detained on Sunday, Nov 28.

Photos: Reuters
More from AP/NYTimes: https://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/28/world/europe/german-police-clear-thousands-at-nuclear-protest.html?_r=1

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