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The Street Art in Athens is beautiful… Save Greece. So much art; so many wonderful artists are being lost in the EU debt crisis. Maybe they aren’t being lost.. Maybe all these world wide problems will be inspiration for a new cultural movement of art…Just an idea.

“An immigrant pushes an empty shopping trolley past graffiti in a poor Athens neighborhood January 30, 2012. Poverty has visibly increased on the streets of the capital of four million, where people huddle in sleeping bags in empty alleys and can be seen rummaging through garbage cans for food or scraps of metal or glass to sell. According to the Hellenic Statistical Agency’s first official report in 2012, about 20 percent of Greek citizens, over two million people, are considered poor. The monetary poverty line for Greece is set at the annual amount of 7,178 euros per person and 15,073 euros per household with two adults and two dependent children under the age of 14.”

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Greek Police Resign December 18, 2011

Thousands of remaining Greek police resigned yesterday to join the people in their revolution.”

(so far unconfirmed)

no one knows..

Hey guise.. a source in Greece is saying this is from June actually..

This is no longer a lie.: Italy: Bank attacked in solidarity with Conspiracy of Cells of Fire prisoners

Meanwhile in #Athens #Greece…Via http://pastebin.com/txd1kHpP
PhotoCredit: Business insider: The Dark And Beautiful Graffiti Of Athens’ Disaffected Youth


Greetings world, this is the first press release by #OpGreece. We want to raise awareness of the critical situation in Greece, and about our existence. We want to raise the awareness not only of Greeks within Greece, but Greek expatriates, you who are of Greek descent and the entire world.

We all saw the UC spray cop right? And the Tony Bologna spraying of young women in New York Yes? Well if that shocked you, here it is a daily routine. Greek citizens who peacefully protest receive this treatment almost EVERY week yet no one is responding to the acts of violence happening in this country.

Last month Greek police sprayed disabled people in wheel chairs, two months ago they attacked civilians who were only protesting peacefully – just walking and not even shouting – The police were throwing tear gas and stones and hitting them with sticks and iron rods.   Three months ago the same thing and even hit reporters and whoever held a camera.

Now, as we write these words, the internet is being threatened by Makis Voridis, a person who in the 70’s and 80’s belonged into a group similar to KKK and is currently a member of the fascist party in Greece. Voridis is now in charge of the internet. A week after his “election” (he was elected by politicians and not by the people), blogs for freedom of speech were shut down, accounts on Facebook – mainly activists, anons, anarchists, communists and trolls – were deleted. Now Voridis and his cronies are planning to censor all the ISP’s so they will know when an “act of terrorism” is being generated by the public. Any political discourse that is not their flavor of fascism is considered “TERRORISM”
So yeah, this is Greece right now.

We need your help!

Here are some links that will help you understand Greece’s current situation:

– Athens 29-06-2011 Greek police attack against greek citizens in Syntagma square.


– A man tells the police “get off this square and please don’t hit me” the cop not only hits the guy but breaks his skull on cam.


– The new minister in charge for the internet, the 1st words he says “I agree that fights are being done by the people but not using rods sticks and helmets” the next picture is him holding an axe during his time in the KKK-like group he was. this man is currently in charge for the internet in Greece and is a member of the Fascist party. He wasn’t elected by us but by the government it self.



– More info about Makis Voridis


– Videos by #OpGreece, #OpSupportGreece and people attending the riots and protests


– Pictures of Police brutality during the protests and riots


So what is really going on in Greece right now? Why all this violence?

It all started when the ex Prime-Minister of Greece George Papandreou started to cut off the people’s payments and adding more austerity measures. The media helped spread a propaganda as if the people of Greece really had to do something with the money the government used for their own benefits.
NO. The Greek citizens have been poor for almost 2 years now and they’re getting poorer day by day.
The government spend this money in luxury products such as cars, houses and land.
For more info about this google these words individually: Vatopedi, Siemens scandal in Greece, Greek wiretapping case 2004.

So what is happening right now in Greece?

– People pay more taxes even though they cannot afford it
– Pensions have been cut off, so the elderly cannot even afford their medicine, rent and bills
– People are getting evicted due to loans
– Electricity company forces people to pay a lot more than they’re supposed to, either wise they shut down their power at home
– Banks are in charge
– Media spread propaganda and not covering the true stories such as, protests, riots, deaths, beating, police brutality, political scandals etc
– Getting a job is rare and even if you find one, the payment is not enough
– Stores are shutting down
– Homes are being abandoned
– People are living Greece to find a better life abroad
– Kids are fainting from starvation: http://www.newsit.gr/default.php?pname=Article&art_id=100921&catid=3
– Junkies and homeless people use used up needles to get infected with AIDS so they can get the 700 Euros the state is forced to pay on their expenses: http://parganews.com/2011/11/22/
– Protesters die, bleed, suffer
– 70% of the Greek families won’t turn on their heat during the winter cause they can’t afford it
– 1.500.000 Greeks are unemployed
– Families being destroyed
– The average Greek is being treated like dirt by the politicians and people outside Greece who bought on the media spread propaganda
– Censorship took over, blogs are closing, Facebook activists are being targeted, freedom of speech is being threatened (minister Adonis Georgiadis threatened by TV that the political asylum of one of our indymedia sites should feel threatened now that he’s also in charge http://www.dailymotion.com/video/ )
– Reporters are getting killed ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_of_Sokratis_Giolias )

and many many more.

This is life in Greece nowadays. They try to silence those who are fighting back for their human rights. We need your help to be heard and raise awareness to the world.

for the Greek links, simply use Google translate.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forget
We do not Forgive
Expect us.

In the name of #OpGreece

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Meanwhile in #Athens #Greece #d6 #dec6

Meanwhile in #Athens #Greece…#Nov21 

1) “A protester smokes in front of riot policemen during a rally of metal industry workers in Athens November 21, 2011. Greece’s jobless rate hit a record high of 18.4 percent in August, with the number of unemployment rising to 907,953, 48% up from 2010.” REUTERS/John Kolesidis/yahoo

2) “Metal industry workers hold a banner as they protest during a rally in Athens November 21, 2011. Greece’s jobless rate hit a record high of 18.4 percent in August, with the number of unemployment rising to 907,953, 48% up from 2010. The banner reads “Victory”. REUTERS/John Kolesidis/Yahoo

More from Yahoo: Millions of workers, zero jobs

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#Athens #Greece #Nov17 Tens of thousands of students and protesters take to the streets in a demonstration for the anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising in Athens, Greece. ~gravewisdom