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#Occupy See what you weren’t supposed to see. Go to: OccupyWallSt.org

(Also keeping track of what is happening right now in Chicago.. check it.)

(Chicago police hold their ground against protesters at Michigan Avenue and Cermak Road. — Abel Uribe, Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2012)

(A Chicago police officer punches a protesters as they clash at Cermak Road and Michigan Avenue. — Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2012)

(An injured anti-war protester after a clash with Chicago police at Cermak Road and Michigan Avenue. — Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2012)

(A messy street at Cermak Road and Michigan Avenue where police and protesters clashed. — Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2012)

(Thousands of protestors participating in an anti-war march walk south on Michigan Avenue for a rally near McCormick Place. — Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2012)

More here: ChicagoTribune

HR437 (Passed Feb 2012) “the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011” makes it illegal to protest in the vicinity of anyone who rates a Secret Service detail (even if you aren’t aware of the person’s presence), thus sparing politicians and VIPs the ugly and unseemly spectacle of having to confront voters who disagree with their policies. Only three Congressmen voted against it.” -via boingboing

Guess who landed in Chicago yesterday for the NatoSummit?:

(President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama arrive at Chicago O’Hare International Airport to attend the NATO Summit, Saturday, May 19, 2012 in Chicago.)

”President Barack Obama is in his home town of Chicago, Illinois, where he will host leaders of the 28 trans-atlantic allies for the NATO summit beginning Sunday.

Obama arrived in Chicago after discussions with leaders of the Group of 8 major developed economies in Camp David, Maryland.

That G8 summit covered the Eurozone debt crisis, the Arab Spring and Syria, energy security and oil prices, food security, and Afghanistan, the key focus of the NATO summit.”~Read more: VOANews

“On top of that, the punishment can be pretty severe. You can get up to a year in jail for being found guilty of these things, and that jumps up to 10 years if you are carrying a “deadly or dangerous weapon.”~Continued from BoingBoing

Reports on twitter are saying there are at least 4 buses en route to the protesters location.. possibly tanks (Via facebook which is usually less reliable in honesty) I’ll let you guys do the math on this one. View the livestreams and twitter feeds posted in previous blog entry for updated info on what’s going on in Chicago. 

Thousands on the streets now on Michigan Ave. in Chicago protesting against the #NATO Summit.

Reports from ground say it is getting violent some protesters injured, tear gas and sound cannons imminent. (Brace yourselves)

LiveStream here: http://www.ustream.tv/timcast & http://www.livestream.com/chicagoindymedia

And here: http://abclocal.go.com/wls/livenow?id=7096071

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“Planet over Profits” Photo courtesy of:

Chicago MayDay! Via: OccupyChicago


Occupy Chicago by (Tombstone738) on Flickr

McDonald’s Job Applications Dumped On ‘Occupy’ Protesters By Chicago Board Of Trade #occupychi

CNN: 130 Occupy Chicago protesters arrested

Some more epicfailguise ❤ yesterday in Chicago #occupychi also courtesy of @pHinkasaurus