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Anyone else taking finals this week good luck to you.

This is my final project (for a class I took this semester).. 3 separate pieces mounted together to tell a story.. maybe you guise can see what I did there. (Inspired by events during the Occupy movement)
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International Workers Day

“Someone’s freedom, rights, and dignity are not something that can be put in a Christmas stocking or wrapped up in a bow. They are something built into their existence that we use oppression and degradation to rob them of.”~BrainHandles/Greg Bulmash

I know you guise on Tumblr HATE FB but omg this pic. Just tagged myself in it. 

Via: Intelligent, classy, well-educated women who say F*ck a lot

#Mayday May 1st #GeneralStrike

Cant find the artist or someone to reblog from.. but this is rad.