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Rise of the #Hacktivist #infographic #OccupyLulz

This is no longer a lie.: Best Hacks by the #Hacktivist Group ‘#Anonymous’

#Anonymous #LulzXmas – It was an epic year, isn’t it? http://youtu.be/yj-hEVxI0gw

This is no longer a lie.: #OccupyBerlin Publishes Declaration Against War

“We will always remember your awesome collaboration with the Matchbox Twenty guy.”

Anonymous – Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolutionhttp://www.scribd.com/embeds/56546855/content?start_page=1&view_mode=list&access_key=key-1osaxjg6q65dny1i6azg

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From info section:
“Anonymous has hijacked this page from Fuktard pfeifer and his “crew” of 666, And given it back to Anonymous, We have grown tired of his continuous duplicating Anonymous pages and stealing others work and taking all the credit and acting like a Leaderfag with his plan-fag friends, We take great pleasure in handing this group over to Anonymous and also it can be yet another page for him to copy and duplicate, lulz, from this moment on there will be no bans to anybody as the plan fags have been doing

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us
United as 0ne divided by zero”


Burn it down: Download Auto-BAHN Emergency Messaging App for Android

Mobile phones could soon be helping in the aftermath of disasters by becoming an ad-hoc message passing network.

Computer scientist Thomas Wilhelm has developed software that lets data hop from phone to phone.

Messages sent via the application gradually migrates towards its intended target to keep communication going when other routes are closed.

The system could also help protesters in nations that routinely switch off networks to quell unrest.

Called Auto-BAHN, the project was unveiled at the DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas in early August.

To pass messages the software uses the Bluetooth short-range radio technology and wi-fi that are ubiquitous on smartphones.

After a disaster, owners of phones that have the Auto-BAHN application can search for other users of it and pass on a message. Once sent, the message propagates across the network of other Auto-BAHN using phones until it gets to its intended target.

It could prove helpful during disasters and alert emergency services to the location of survivors.

Mr Wilhelm has produced an application that puts Auto-BAHN on Android phones and is working on one for the iPhone.

The applications are just to prove the concept works, he said, as he is trying to convince smartphone makers to have a similar system included as standard on their gadgets.

Download Auto-BAHN Emergency Messging App for Android / autobahn.apk / Mirror

You can also go get it from the source: http://www.emoiz.com/download-auto-bahn-emergency-messaging-app-for-android

Please pass along to any android users that you know..

Anyone who can spread, please do so:
“ATTENTION: Tripoli is in dire need of medical personal-doctors and nurses alike. Please contact Ibrahim Momen at 416-999-1038 if you are interested or know someone who is interested in heading there for emergency work. Any non-Libyan doctors/nurses will be covered for travel costs and we will facilitate Visa applications. PLEASE SPREAD WIDELY. Thank you. **Canada (Danya Bashir (@CEOdanya)”

Please reblog in case there is anyone out there that can help. Thank you. #Solidarity ❤