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One of the reasons Californians should still be Occupying, as if school tuition increases, locking up students and professors for protesting on campus, and police brutality weren’t enough on May 12th 93,000 (according to CBS News) lost extended unemployment benefits. According to the US Bureau of labor (Feb 2012) almost 11% (That’s about 4,147,000 people) of the entire state of California is unemployed. This number 11% is calculated by taking a sample of unemployed families every month across the nation and measuring the amount of change over time. To read more on how the US Gov. calculates unemployment and to try to make an educated decision on whether or not you think 11% is the actual number go here: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here is the article from CBS: (CBS News) MERCED, Calif. – “A lot of Americans are still suffering from the investment disasters of 2008. Back then, Congress extended unemployment benefits to 99 weeks in many states — but tomorrow, that extension ends and 236,000 Americans are about to get notices that the checks are over, as CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports.At the Community Action Agency in Merced, Brenda Callahan-Johnson is bracing for a flood of long-term unemployed seeking emergency food, housing and financial aid.“A lot of these people are not going to know that they are not getting unemployment until they get the letter in the mail, and they’re going to be scared,” Callahan-Johnson told CBS News.Tomorrow 93,000 Californians are losing extended unemployment benefits.Callahan-Johnson told CBS News correspondent John Blackstone that she had never seen anything like this.“In 19 years, I have never had this many cuts in unemployment at the same time,” she explained.In California’s agricultural heartland, Merced is being hit hard by federal law that cuts extended benefits in states where unemployment has fallen. In the last year, California’s rate has dropped from 11.9 percent to 11 percent. But, in Merced, it’s 20 percent.“Merced County is experiencing dire unemployment,” Callahan-Johnson said.While finding work in Merced is difficult, finding places where people used to work is easy. One plant, which made ladders, closed in October — taking with it 140 jobs.The closed Pepsi bottling factory once employed 40. Sixty people used to make parts for Toyota at another closed location.” Continue reading: Thousands to lose long-term unemployment benefits, even where it remains sky-high


Another reason to ❤ SF/Oakland #Nyan

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#MayDay #M1GS UPDATE #1 from the streets of Oakland…#OO


A series of photographs of two Anon Medics taken at last night’s #D12 Oakland port blockade, by photographer Steve Rhodes. Featured is some of our new protective gear, which should protect us better in the event of police violence than plastic masks.

Upon arriving to an action, we do our best to link up with other medics present and provide support in whatever way we can. The buddy system is a must in a potentially chaotic protest situation, especially for medics. 

Yesterday’s blockade in Oakland saw almost no police response whatsoever after the very early morning, unlike the blockades in Seattle and Long Beach. Our services were thankfully unneeded, although we did give out some band-aids.