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Rise of the #Hacktivist #infographic #OccupyLulz

This is no longer a lie.: Best Hacks by the #Hacktivist Group ‘#Anonymous’


We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists – Trailer 

They want to tell our story.. it gives me warm fuzzies. ❤

(#OopsLifeHack <3)


These Anon street medics are badass!

They’re like superheroes.

I saw them while I was marching with Occupy Oakland one day and I was like “Woaa! I wanna be one!”


GL1TCHG0R3- OpBart

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Censorship causes blindness. 

Anonymous Hackers Targeted By FBI, Homeland Security For Potential National Security Threat


Anarchists attack BART station with paint & hammers — San Francisco, CA

The communique:

“On the evening of September 8th, 2011 we sabotaged the fare machines, turnstyles and facade of the Glen Park BART station in South San Francisco. Just as we have been inspired by comparable actions of anarchists world wide, we hope to act as a catalyst to incite similar actions against the state and it’s apparatuses of control.

Our spray cans dispensed slogans and our hammers shattered screens and ticket readers. We look to each other to find meaning and reject the limiting discourse of rights and free speech as a vehicle for our rage. We communicate this now to denounce the authority of a society that violently represses us every time we step out of line.

All police are the enemy. We articulate this when we choose to honor the lives of Oscar Grant, Charles Hill and Kenneth Harding by fighting for our own lives. This same passion for freedom can be observed from Seattle to Greece to Chile. As anarchists we understand that the social control of transit fares exists in harmony with the deadly enforcement of the physical, emotional, and social desolation of our everyday lives. We aim to interrupt this concert at every feasible opportunity.

The police and the media will spin this event as petty vandalism. Some will condemn us and suggest that violence against property promotes state repression, but we have lost our fear. We do not seek approval from any authority and for this reason we abandon the tired structure of demand.We look to explore our capacity to exemplify our collective abilities and to encourage others to resist in ever more autonomous and uncontrollabe ways. Freedom to those arrested at today’s Powell Street action. See you at the barricades.

PS: mad props to the wildcat longshoremen of washington. keep it wild”


Anoymous’ Multiple Operations

An easier way to share the @AnonMedics Primer 1.0. I do not claim ownership of this document. I am just trying to aid in Share-ability of it. If you are part of the @Anonmedics please feel free to download the document and make edits. I copy pasta’d all info from: http://pastehtml.com/view/b57sj5taz.rtxt

#Solidarity ❤


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