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Lulz/Kitteh Break ❤

The Street Art in Athens is beautiful… Save Greece. So much art; so many wonderful artists are being lost in the EU debt crisis. Maybe they aren’t being lost.. Maybe all these world wide problems will be inspiration for a new cultural movement of art…Just an idea.

“An immigrant pushes an empty shopping trolley past graffiti in a poor Athens neighborhood January 30, 2012. Poverty has visibly increased on the streets of the capital of four million, where people huddle in sleeping bags in empty alleys and can be seen rummaging through garbage cans for food or scraps of metal or glass to sell. According to the Hellenic Statistical Agency’s first official report in 2012, about 20 percent of Greek citizens, over two million people, are considered poor. The monetary poverty line for Greece is set at the annual amount of 7,178 euros per person and 15,073 euros per household with two adults and two dependent children under the age of 14.”

Impossible LOV3  by *Bluefley

I couldn’t find the source for this but I ❤ it.


The Encounter – coffee, watercolor, and ink on Arches hot-press paper

this is a piece i did earlier in the semester that i needed to make some adjustments to before it could be shared with the internet. hope you guys like it!

Jessica Diamond – Is that all there is ? (2010)

Street art:

(Photo: by caac-sevilla)