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“A boy selling cotton candy waits for customers on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal, June 11, 2012. The boy, among other similar children, does not go to school, and earns around $2 per day selling cotton candy.”~REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar

June 12th marks The International Labour Organization’s World Day Against Child Labour

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Anleitung für Moos Graffitis
(How to make Moss Graffiti)

Jorsh Pena—The perfect holiday gift {poster}

OccupyCali: #OccupySF presents Sleepless in San Francisco #D7 #OSF

Meanwhile in #Athens #Greece #d6 #dec6

Protests in #Germany continue against transportation of Castor nuclear waste containers. Protesters have been rallying since Nov 23 (amended) and have tried a variety of techniques to stop the train carrying nuclear waste. Including chaining themselves to concrete blocks on the tracks, placing stones upon the tracks, bending the tracks themselves (which have since been repaired), as well as building a street blockade of tree branches. According to AP reporting from Berlin over 1,000 people were temporary detained on Sunday, Nov 28.

Photos: Reuters
More from AP/NYTimes: https://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/28/world/europe/german-police-clear-thousands-at-nuclear-protest.html?_r=1

Even More: The Atlantic

When I was about nine, I had recently gotten a Nintendo Entertainment System from a garage sale down the road, the first gaming system I ever had. One game that I bought was Super Mario Brothers 3, the final chapter of the widely-acclaimed SMB trilogy, which like in the original Super Mario Brothers consisted of Mario/Luigi chasing after Princess Toadstool (whose name has since been bastardized to ‘Peach’).

Back on topic though; I popped in the game in my new NES and pressed Start. I started at World 1, of course, and began playing. During this, I got used to the controls, map, and all that jazz. After all, it IS supposed to be kinda like a tutorial level. So I had advanced to World 2, “Desert Land” and I was moving along rather smoothly. In the back of my mind, I knew that at some point the levels would start to get more difficult. I soon noticed a tile, one unlike the other tiles (Toad houses, numbered tiles, etc). It appeared to be some cross-hybrid of flowing diarrhea and sand, which caught my attention. I navigated my way to the tile, and hit the A button and was warped to what appeared to be a normal level; there even was a happy sunshine in the top left corner!

As I side-scrolled my way through the level, the fucking sun decided to go apeshit and sodomize me repeatedly until I finally broke down in tears, throwing my controller at the ground screaming for my mom. That fucking bastard.

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