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This woman and I saw each other’s signs last night, smiled at each other, and reciprocated peace signs. It was one of the most honest and heartfelt moments I ever experienced with a stranger, and it only lasted a few seconds. Such mutual understanding goes beyond words, for we are all in this together. I will carry that moment with me forever. 🙂




“#Occupywallstreet needs some logistical help on September 17th in New York City. If you’re planning to be there on that day, you could be of great help. This is a real-life direct action operation. Your presence on the street will be required on the 17th of September. A “Vendetta/Anonymous” mask will not be required, and in fact would be detrimental to this Operation. This action is also legal. You will not be committing a crime or aiding anyone in committing crimes. A few simple hurdles are required before the plan is revealed to you.

1. Email occupythestreet@gmail.com with your twitter username. Feel free to sign and encrypt your email if you don’t want your twitter name to be connected to an email address. My key is below for encryption purposes. Your twitter name will not be shared with anyone, other than gmail, and the government and spais. You know what…use a throwaway email address. (gmail, hush, etc., something free) — whatever your’e comfy using.

2. I will email you and ask you to use twitter to direct message something to me. This step serves three purposes:
2.a. It will prove that you can follow instructions.
2.b. It will prove that your email address is in fact connected to your twitter account.
2.c. That your twitter shows a pattern of behavior consistent with the goals required for #occupywallstreet.

3. The plan will be revealed to you at the email address you give in step

1. If your email was encrypted, so too will be the reply. The deadline for submissions is September 9th, 5PM Eastern (GMT -4) Preferential treatment will be given to those whose email is encrypted. We only need 15-18 participants for this operation, and the selection process will be thorough.

This is not a trap.
Would we lie? (No, seriously, we wouldn’t.)

Anonymous” ~@AnonyOps

All copy pasta from here: https://privatepaste.com/90eed54930/0ccupydastr33t

The encryption key is also located: https://privatepaste.com/90eed54930/0ccupydastr33t