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Rise of the #Hacktivist #infographic #OccupyLulz

Cause Hipster Madison Occupied before it was cool.


Wisconsin Democrats Announce 507,000 Signatures To Recall Walker Just One Month In

Wisconsin Democrats made a big announcement Thursday afternoon: That after 30 days, they have collected 507,000 signatures in their effort to trigger a recall campaign against Republican Gov. Scott Walker. This puts them almost at the goal of 540,000 signatures, at the halfway point of the 60-day petition period — and, they announced, they intend to go much, much further.

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Today, December 15th, is exactly 1 month since the recall process began. After just 4 days in, we had over 100,000 signatures and after less than 2 weeks, we had over 300,000. Stick a fork in Walker; he’s done.

Freedom Now Requires 72-Hour Notice And A Non-Refundable Deposit

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) says students should just get 3 jobs to pay for college instead of using Pell Grants

Tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations? That’s a-ok! Why are students complaining? Working 3 jobs to pay back student loans is the American dream.