(Chicago police hold their ground against protesters at Michigan Avenue and Cermak Road. — Abel Uribe, Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2012)

(A Chicago police officer punches a protesters as they clash at Cermak Road and Michigan Avenue. — Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2012)

(An injured anti-war protester after a clash with Chicago police at Cermak Road and Michigan Avenue. — Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2012)

(A messy street at Cermak Road and Michigan Avenue where police and protesters clashed. — Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2012)

(Thousands of protestors participating in an anti-war march walk south on Michigan Avenue for a rally near McCormick Place. — Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2012)

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“A Melbourne builder has inadvertently destroyed a valuable piece of street art by the British graffiti artist Banksy, by drilling a hole through it to put in a bathroom pipe.Melbourne resident Tina McKenzie told Australia’s Network Ten that she had lived above Banksy’s Parachuting Rat for almost a decade.“Anybody that understands street art and recognises it as more than just vandalism understands that it is something we need to preserve,” she said.It is the third work by Banksy in the city to be destroyed within two years, including one that was painted over in 2010 in a council clean-up.Jacqui Vidal, a local gallery owner, said the council needed to be more careful in avoiding the destruction of graffiti artwork.“There should have been something noted on the planning permit that that Banksy work had to somehow be avoided,” she said.Banksy, whose identity is unknown to the public, first drew attention in the early 1990s with stencilled graffiti seen by some as subversive and by others as satire.”~The Guardian


(Photo: Protesters at the UC regents meeting in Sacramento wore orange and called themselves prisoners sentenced to debt. Credit: Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

“Student protesters angry about another possible tuition hike disrupted the meeting of the University of California regents Wednesday in Sacramento, with some demonstrators dressed in orange prisoner uniforms and singing about “working on the chain gang.”The regents were about to discuss a recent report about the treatment of protesters on campuses and then analyze the impact of the governor’s May revision of the state budget on tuition.Officials have said a 6% percent tuition hike may be in the works for July’s regent meeting if state funding does not increase.After 15 or so protesters began chanting and marching around the meeting, they ignored orders to clear the hall. The regents then moved to another room to discuss other business in closed session.The protest ended after about 15 minutes and the regents were expected to resume their public sessions after lunch, according to a UC spokesman.Student activists have staged a string of protests in recent months, clashing with police. In March, three UCLA students were arrested after protesters disrupted a San Francisco regents meeting with a “spring break” demonstration in which some stripped down to bathing suits and tossed inflatable beach balls.In a November incident that was recorded on video and widely viewed online, UC Davis protesters were squirted with pepper spray by campus police.Undergraduate costs for California residents, including tuition, room, board and campus fees, has risen to $31,000 and university officials have warned of more increases if voters this fall reject Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed tax hike.”-LATimes|L.A. NOW


Photo Credit: Brian Nguyen

“An update on Joshua Clover and the Davis/Banker’s Dozen: Rejecting a plea deal for 80 hours of community service, calling the charges against them “a sham,” the group entered their not-guilty pleas (May 10th) in Yolo County Superior Court and now have a new court date set for June 1 at 8:30 a.m., with the legal assistance of San Francisco lawyer J. Tony Serra, who has defended both the Black Panthers and Hells Angels in the past, according to The New York Daily News.”~Harriet Staff/poetryfoundation.orgHow to Help:“We appreciate any and all support from our extended community. Help us to end the repression of political dissidence.Donate to our legal fund.Sign our petition.Call, fax, or write the Yolo County D.A. and ask him to drop all charges.Call or write Chancellor Katehi, demanding that she immediately cease the criminalization of protest on the Davis Campus.Come support us at our arraignment on June 1st, 2012 (conflicting reports of 8:30am/1:30pm check with Yolo County Superior Court or watch for updates closer to the date of arraignment) Yolo County Superior Court, Dept. 9 213 Third StreetWoodland, CA 95695 [facebook] [map]Like Davis Antirepression Crew on facebook to stay up to date.”~DavisDozen.org

Photo Courtesy of: @DavisARcrew/Davis Antirepression Crew(facebook)


One of the reasons Californians should still be Occupying, as if school tuition increases, locking up students and professors for protesting on campus, and police brutality weren’t enough on May 12th 93,000 (according to CBS News) lost extended unemployment benefits. According to the US Bureau of labor (Feb 2012) almost 11% (That’s about 4,147,000 people) of the entire state of California is unemployed. This number 11% is calculated by taking a sample of unemployed families every month across the nation and measuring the amount of change over time. To read more on how the US Gov. calculates unemployment and to try to make an educated decision on whether or not you think 11% is the actual number go here: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here is the article from CBS: (CBS News) MERCED, Calif. – “A lot of Americans are still suffering from the investment disasters of 2008. Back then, Congress extended unemployment benefits to 99 weeks in many states — but tomorrow, that extension ends and 236,000 Americans are about to get notices that the checks are over, as CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports.At the Community Action Agency in Merced, Brenda Callahan-Johnson is bracing for a flood of long-term unemployed seeking emergency food, housing and financial aid.“A lot of these people are not going to know that they are not getting unemployment until they get the letter in the mail, and they’re going to be scared,” Callahan-Johnson told CBS News.Tomorrow 93,000 Californians are losing extended unemployment benefits.Callahan-Johnson told CBS News correspondent John Blackstone that she had never seen anything like this.“In 19 years, I have never had this many cuts in unemployment at the same time,” she explained.In California’s agricultural heartland, Merced is being hit hard by federal law that cuts extended benefits in states where unemployment has fallen. In the last year, California’s rate has dropped from 11.9 percent to 11 percent. But, in Merced, it’s 20 percent.“Merced County is experiencing dire unemployment,” Callahan-Johnson said.While finding work in Merced is difficult, finding places where people used to work is easy. One plant, which made ladders, closed in October — taking with it 140 jobs.The closed Pepsi bottling factory once employed 40. Sixty people used to make parts for Toyota at another closed location.” Continue reading: Thousands to lose long-term unemployment benefits, even where it remains sky-high


Closed Beta just started at Zurker it looks like it has potential and the hope is to have a social media platform that is run by the users for the users with very little to no corporate bull. (fingers crossed for an eventual open source platform) So if you wanna check it out, give me more connects cause I’m bored, and ya know be beta tester and possibly invest in something new check it out.. http://www.zurker.com/i-125745-rbpawbjbej (This is my referral link to get you in) *This is NOT an alternative to Tumblr.. which I love dearly and you would have to drag me away from kicking and screaming. 🙂 I just know many of you (secretly) have facebook accounts as well and this *may* turn out to be a viable non-corporate alternative to that if we can get enough people over there*More info: Zurker FAQWired’s opinionZurker: Social Network for the 99 Percent?I don’t mean to spam your dashes with this I just know that some of you missed this post because I made it so late last night, you might not check my blog daily, and might want in on the beta action. ❤


“If you haven’t heard: The administration of UC Davis is holding poet and professor Joshua Clover and 11 students accountable for their alleged role in protests that led to the shutdown of a campus US Bank. “District Attorney Jeff Reisig is charging campus protesters with 20 counts each of obstructing movement in a public place, and one count of conspiracy. If convicted, the protesters could face up to 11 years each in prison, and $1 million in damages.” According to the Davis Dozen press release:

The charges were brought at the request of the UC Davis administration, which had recently received a termination letter from US Bank holding the university responsible for all costs, claiming they were “constructively evicted” because the university had not responded by arresting the “illegal gathering.” Protesters point out that the charges against them serve to position the university favorably in a potential litigation with US Bank…Their arraignment originally set for April 27th has been postponed until May 10th, according to the California Aggie. You can also find out more on the Davis Dozen website.A petition is circulating that demands UC Davis drop all charges.”Read More:poetryfoundation.orgdavisdozen.orgOccupyUCDavis (Facebook) @OccupyUCDavis (Twitter) Petition for the Davis Dozen

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ (Amazon.com) Private Spaceflight Firm, Reveals Details Of Spacecraft

Meanwhile in more amusing news…”Boy, 11, Pees on $36,000 Worth of MacBooks”

In Moscow, peaceful protest turns violent